Vape pens are generally cylindrical and come in several styles. It is larger than their predecessor to increase battery power and production in the cloud. Once the vape pens came out in the mid-2000s, the microchip inside the battery, the larger battery size and the use of an unlike atomizer were considered innovative just then. Today’s vape pens have many of the latest features incorporated into vaping pens with advances in vaporization technology. Vape pens have gained popularity because of the cannabis industry as well, as they are used to vaporize flowers, oils, and concentrates.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Pens?

Today, Vape pens are very different from steam pens in the mid-2000s. As we have indicated above, vape pens have some features found in third-generation mods to equip stylish devices old with the power of today’s vaping technology. We are going to cover the different variations of vape pens found now. Four different characteristics make up the different types of vape pens nowadays:

Tube Mods                     

The most common vape pen configuration that is currently in place does not have additional features like variable voltage and temperature. Also, it makes it easier to use, as it just has a button to press and the power of the size of the battery and the use of sub-ohm tanks make it enough to address nicotine cravings. We will usually cover this in more detail in the next sections of the mod.

Fixed Voltage

When the vape pens came out at first, every vape pens were what we generally call Fixed Voltage. This means that the device has a constant voltage output and there is no need to play with the configuration since it comes with just one option that is triggering the button.

Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage is an innovative feature used to customize the vaping experience. The old model of vape pens uses this but with less powerful batteries. The capability to increase or decrease the voltage may be a good feature to play with the intensity of the taste, the production in the cloud and the throat blow.

Variable Temperature

Variable temperature is a great feature found in 3rd generation devices and has been applied in old style vape pens. Not all the vape pens carry this certain function, but what it does is mechanically adjust the output power according to the temperature defined by the user, adapting automatically to the resistance of the coils in the vaping device to avoid dry blows.

What Are the Common Features of a Vape Pen?

Vape pens can be adjusted to be Direct to Lung (DTL) hit device or MTL because of the ability to modify the airflow input. DTL is a common feature in sub-ohm devices and mod devices. DTL devices allow huge cloud production as the vaporizer travels directly to your lung. The more open the air flow; this will give a direct blow to the lung. In today’s market, vape pens have a combination of 2nd and 3rd generation characteristics.


Vape pens are very affordable and are much better than cigarette likes when it comes to the vaping experience. Whether you are looking to get your first vape, vape pens will give you much value when it comes to flavor strength, cloud production and efficient delivery of nicotine.