Vape pens are generally cylindrical and come in several styles. It is larger than their predecessor to increase battery power and production in the cloud. Once the vape pens came out in the mid-2000s, the microchip inside the battery, the larger battery size and the use of an unlike atomizer were considered innovative just then. Today’s vape pens have many of the latest features incorporated into vaping pens with advances in vaporization technology. Vape pens have gained popularity because of the cannabis industry as well, as they are used to vaporize flowers, oils, and concentrates.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Pens?

Today, Vape pens are very different from steam pens in the mid-2000s. As we have indicated above, vape pens have some features found in third-generation mods to equip stylish devices old with the power of today’s vaping technology. We are going to cover the different variations of vape pens found now. Four different characteristics make up the different types of vape pens nowadays:

Tube Mods                     

The most common vape pen configuration that is currently in place does not have additional features like variable voltage and temperature. Also, it makes it easier to use, as it just has a button to press and the power of the size of the battery and the use of sub-ohm tanks make it enough to address nicotine cravings. We will usually cover this in more detail in the next sections of the mod.

Fixed Voltage

When the vape pens came out at first, every vape pens were what we generally call Fixed Voltage. This means that the device has a constant voltage output and there is no need to play with the configuration since it comes with just one option that is triggering the button.

Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage is an innovative feature used to customize the vaping experience. The old model of vape pens uses this but with less powerful batteries. The capability to increase or decrease the voltage may be a good feature to play with the intensity of the taste, the production in the cloud and the throat blow.

Variable Temperature

Variable temperature is a great feature found in 3rd generation devices and has been applied in old style vape pens. Not all the vape pens carry this certain function, but what it does is mechanically adjust the output power according to the temperature defined by the user, adapting automatically to the resistance of the coils in the vaping device to avoid dry blows.

What Are the Common Features of a Vape Pen?

Vape pens can be adjusted to be Direct to Lung (DTL) hit device or MTL because of the ability to modify the airflow input. DTL is a common feature in sub-ohm devices and mod devices. DTL devices allow huge cloud production as the vaporizer travels directly to your lung. The more open the air flow; this will give a direct blow to the lung. In today’s market, vape pens have a combination of 2nd and 3rd generation characteristics.


Vape pens are very affordable and are much better than cigarette likes when it comes to the vaping experience. Whether you are looking to get your first vape, vape pens will give you much value when it comes to flavor strength, cloud production and efficient delivery of nicotine.

The best vape for every appetite

A vape pen is basically like a small mobile oven as most users call it. A vape pen is a pen-like electric device gadget that has a space for putting in any botanic substance and produces vapor as a result. That is the simplest definition of what a vape pen is. Technically, a vape is used by smokers of both cigar and marijuana. As technology keeps on revolving, the vape pens have evolved too with so many brands available in the market.

Most vape pens can be conveniently purchased online as well as at the local stalls. Here is a list of the top rated vape pens:

Top choice vape pens

  • Firefly2: It is a superb vape that heats up quite fast compared to other vapes. It has a plastic mouthpiece which is well designed as not to add any plastic-like flavor in the vapor. For the best experience, this is an ideal vape pen to go for. The prices range and depend on whether the purchase is done online or at the local stalls.
  • Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit: This is the best vape pen starter kit for beginners as it has all the features simplified. Has an adjustable temperature as well as the wattage but one may require going through the user guide to make the adjustments, or you will end up messing the whole experience.
  • Pax 2: This is the most sophisticated and ultra modern stylish vape pen. It is the only vape pen that has a game in it as a feature. The vapor produced by this magical gadget is very fine. On the issue of colors, it comes in four different colors to give you a wide
  • Pinnacle Pro: This vape has a long battery life and can keep you going for 8 good hours of use. The size is just good enough for convenience issues. Find out more in this site :

What to consider before buying a vape pen

The battery. A good vape pen should have a battery life that can last for at least half-day long. Although some vapes have longer battery life, this is the average that a good one should last. Before making any purchase, one should check the battery life or else; you will need to ke4ep recharging your vape now and then, it can be depressing indeed.

Heating speed. A good vape should heat quickly and maintain the temperatures to give a high-quality vapor.

The mouthpiece material.  If the mouthpiece material is plastic, there is a likelihood of a plastic flavor being produced; a good vape should have a metal or glass mouthpiece.

In the modern world, many people prefer vapes to cigarette smoking. This is because one can be able to measure the level of addiction and control in return. Putting the prices aside, most vapes have similar features, and one has to do a thorough scrutiny and comparison before making a purchase. Cheers as you go for the best vape pen.

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit In 2016?

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit In 2016

For many they are searching for the best vape pen and it’s easy to understand why. Vaping is the latest fad that seems to be hitting the market and more and more are using the vapor pens every day. These pens make it a little different from smoking a real cigarette and they really are a little unusual but extremely appealing. However, if you’re starting out, wouldn’t it be better to look towards a starter kit? These starters are useful for most and it will be more cost-effective too, but what starter kit is the best? click here for more details.

The Kangertech EVOD Starter Kit

If you are serious about vaping then you may want to look for a top quality starter kit. One option you may want to consider has to be the Kangertech EVOD starter kit. This is truly amongst the very best kits today and it is able to offer so much. You are getting the start pen and battery, and charger, and this is the best vape pen starter kit or one of the best available. There is a lot of quality and when you charge the battery up it will last quite a long time too which is perfect. However, the pen is easy to use and even if you haven’t any experience with them, they shouldn’t present too much of a problem.

JOYTECH EGO CT One Starter Kit

Another of the top options to consider would have to be the JOYTECH Ego CT One starter kit. This has to be the best vape starter kits or at least amongst the very best and there is a lot of quality on offer. You are getting the pen along with the battery and charger which can be very costly at the best of times. However, you have the ability to choose between a light version for portability and an XL one too. The vaping preferences can be adjusted to suit your likes and this will make it a lot easier to find the best e-juice flavors also. You really have a lot on offer and the JOYTECH is a great option to consider. for more about vaping , visit :

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit In 2016

The Best Box Mod or Regular Pen?

The above are just two of the top options to consider when it comes to starter’s kits but you don’t just have to think about that, you also need to think about the type of device you want. There are regular pen shaped devices that are very popular, but there are also box mod ones. Now the best box mod is really a box-shaped device. If you are someone who wants to vape for a prolonged period of time you will find the box shaped devices work better.

Be Wary and Know Your Choices before Buying

It would be so easy to say one vapor pen was better than the other but in truth everyone wants something different. There will be many who say one device is better than the other and until you try a device out, you don’t know how good it will be. That is why you need to take everything into consideration before you buy a starters kit. There are many and you want the best vape pen starter kit.

How To Use a Vape Pen – How Vaping Works

How To Use a Vape Pen – How Vaping Works

There are more and more who think a vape pen is right for them and yet, many aren’t too sure how vaping works. It seems strange that millions are looking at vaping and still thousands aren’t even sure how it all works. If you are one of those people, don’t worry because it can be a lot easier to vape with a vaping pen. Read on and learn how vaping works; it’s a lot easier than you think. click here for related details.

Filling the Tank

First things first, remove the vapor pen from all packaging and remove the tank from the battery. Now, this is crucial as it’s dangerous to attempt to fill the tank when it’s all connected up. Unscrew the tank and fill with your chosen e-liquid. This should only take a few seconds at best as it’s quite simple to do. You pour in the liquid into the little tank until it’s full. However, if you find any liquid drops onto your skin, wash it off immediately. This is very important as the liquid is quite toxic. The best vapor pen is easy to use and they mostly work in the same way. Just be careful when filling the tank up.

Reconnecting Your Device

Once you have filled your tank up, it’s time to replace it. So, you will need to add your mouthpiece back onto the top of the tank. The tank will then need to be connected back to the battery and you must ensure this is done fully before attempting to use it. If the device isn’t reconnected properly then it may not work as it should. Once you have reconnected the tank and battery you are ready to vape. Any vape pen is truly easy to work and you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Of course, if you haven’t done this before, it may take a little longer on the first attempt but after it’ll be a lot quicker. for more information, visit :

How To Use a Vape Pen – How Vaping Works

Vaping Is Easy Once You Know How

In all honesty, when you are just starting out vaping, everything can seem quite complicated and complex. However, after you know how the pens work and how to fill the tank, it really shouldn’t be too difficult to use. That is something you need to remember as a lot of people give up too easily. Using the best vapor pen is incredibly simple and something you will enjoy too. You shouldn’t have too much trouble using the pen once everything is connected and charging the battery isn’t too difficult either. This will be very simple and while the first charge can take a while, it will work for a long time.

Getting Value for Money

Learning to use a vapor pen is really quite simple and once you know, it’ll seem all so easy! Once you know how to use a vapor pen, you are able to use it whenever you would like and can use a variety of e-liquid and e-juices combinations too. Understanding how a vape pen works is incredibly easy if you put your mind to it.

7 Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid – E Cigarette Reviews

7 Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid – E Cigarette Reviews

When it comes to using vapor pens, everyone is searching for the best e-juice flavors so that they can get more from their purchase. It is quite understandable as to why most want to get great value for money, as it means they aren’t just wasting their time or money on something that just doesn’t work. However, when it comes to vapor pens for e-liquid, which are the best? That’s hard to say, but if you read on, you can find seven of the best to consider. Click here for a more in-depth look at the best vape pens.

Innokin Endura T18 Starter Kit

Vapor pens come in all shapes and sizes and it’s hard to know which is the very best for you. However, if you are a beginner and not really sure where to start, you may feel at ease with a beginners or starters kit. These kits are super easy to use and offer a lot of quality from start to finish too. You don’t have to worry when you use these kits and you will be able to get the best vape pen for your money. The Endura not only looks smart but offers great performance and quality.

Innokin T22

If you’re just starting out, you will love to try the Innokin T22. This vaping pen is truly amongst the best and it does showcase its quality so easily. This comes with a powerful 2200 MAH Battery and it is easy to refill the cartridges as well. Whether you are someone who likes to vape a lot or very little, this will be the one for you. However, you can enjoy the best e-juice flavors with the device. Also, you are going to be able to get real quality from start to finish which is great. for further details, click on :

7 Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid – E Cigarette Reviews

Aspire K2

When you first see the Aspire K2 you will love how subtle their designs are but they really stand out for all the right reasons. Now, you can choose from a pink or black finishing and they both look amazing. However, in terms of costs, you are getting a fairly impressive deal and they run so effectively too. The battery is strong and is capable of lasting a lot of hours which is great for most users. If you want to use the best e-juice flavors, the Aspire K2 will be able to house them.

Vaporfi Pro 2

One of the best vapor pen options available today has to be the Vaporfi Pro 2. Now, as soon as you see this, you will love it and it’s very subtle in its design and vastly appealing. You will be able to enjoy vaping with this and it comes with either standard battery or a little powerful battery. These are truly amongst the very best pens available today and you will love how easy they are to use too. You can also choose a variety of e-liquid flavors too which is perfect.

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

Another great starter’s kit has to be the Apollo Endeavor. Now, as soon as you see this, you will love it and it truly does look very high quality and appealing. You don’t often get to see such a high quality vaping pen so it’s a great bonus. If you want the best vapor pen, you will find this to be extremely impressive. You are getting a great price and you will be able to get a lot of hours of use with one single charge.

Jacvapor Series E

For those who want a reliable vape pen, the Jacvapor Series E will be the one for you. This does look very nice and it offers a sporting price too which is perfect. However, in terms of charging, you are going to be able to get a long battery life. That is so important and let’s be honest you don’t want to have to recharge this every few hours for it to work. The battery is strong and offers a nice performance too. You can enjoy the best e-juice flavors here too.

Halo Vapor

When it comes to getting the best vapor pen, you will love what the Halo Vapor has to offer. You are getting a very high quality vaping pen and it’s so easy to see its high quality. There is a lovely design to the pen and it stands out for all the right reasons too. The battery is strong and will quite a long time too. This is certainly one that will appeal to most users.

Buy the One that’s Right for You

The above are just a few of the best vape pens available, but there are truly many more amazing options to consider. When you want the ideal one then you have to consider what they have to offer so that you want pick the right one. Whether you want the best machine to enjoy the best e-juice flavors or want to cut back on your smoking, you will find the best vaping pens help so much.