Vape pens are generally cylindrical and come in several styles. It is larger than their predecessor to increase battery power and production in the cloud. Once the vape pens came out in the mid-2000s, the microchip inside the battery, the larger battery size and the use of an unlike atomizer were considered innovative just then. Today’s vape pens have many of the latest features incorporated into vaping pens with advances in vaporization technology. Vape pens have gained popularity because of the cannabis industry as well, as they are used to vaporize flowers, oils, and concentrates.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Pens?

Today, Vape pens are very different from steam pens in the mid-2000s. As we have indicated above, vape pens have some features found in third-generation mods to equip stylish devices old with the power of today’s vaping technology. We are going to cover the different variations of vape pens found now. Four different characteristics make up the different types of vape pens nowadays:

Tube Mods                     

The most common vape pen configuration that is currently in place does not have additional features like variable voltage and temperature. Also, it makes it easier to use, as it just has a button to press and the power of the size of the battery and the use of sub-ohm tanks make it enough to address nicotine cravings. We will usually cover this in more detail in the next sections of the mod.

Fixed Voltage

When the vape pens came out at first, every vape pens were what we generally call Fixed Voltage. This means that the device has a constant voltage output and there is no need to play with the configuration since it comes with just one option that is triggering the button.

Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage is an innovative feature used to customize the vaping experience. The old model of vape pens uses this but with less powerful batteries. The capability to increase or decrease the voltage may be a good feature to play with the intensity of the taste, the production in the cloud and the throat blow.

Variable Temperature

Variable temperature is a great feature found in 3rd generation devices and has been applied in old style vape pens. Not all the vape pens carry this certain function, but what it does is mechanically adjust the output power according to the temperature defined by the user, adapting automatically to the resistance of the coils in the vaping device to avoid dry blows.

What Are the Common Features of a Vape Pen?

Vape pens can be adjusted to be Direct to Lung (DTL) hit device or MTL because of the ability to modify the airflow input. DTL is a common feature in sub-ohm devices and mod devices. DTL devices allow huge cloud production as the vaporizer travels directly to your lung. The more open the air flow; this will give a direct blow to the lung. In today’s market, vape pens have a combination of 2nd and 3rd generation characteristics.


Vape pens are very affordable and are much better than cigarette likes when it comes to the vaping experience. Whether you are looking to get your first vape, vape pens will give you much value when it comes to flavor strength, cloud production and efficient delivery of nicotine.

E-cigarettes and health — here’s what the evidence actually says

E-cigarettes and the best e-juice brands are something that many people are using these days. This is because they believe that this is the better option than smoking the normal cigarettes. However, is this really the truth? There are so many myths about the ecig and if this is something that is really safer than the cigarettes. These are the real facts about this so that you can know for sure if the icing is really better than the cigarettes that you can smoke.

If you are used to nicotine and smoking cigarettes

When you are a normal smoker and you are smoking each day, then inhaling the best e-juice isn’t harmful to you. This is actually recommended that you are rather inhaling the ecig than to smoke the nicotine that is going directly into your lungs.

However, this doesn’t give you the permission to start inhaling and to increase your nicotine level that you are inhaling with the ecig. By increasing your nicotine level, you are risking some health risks, just as what normal cigarettes will do.

When you are inhaling nicotine for the first time

If you never, ever have smoked anything in your life, then the ecig might be really harmful to you. Even if you are choosing the best e-juice flavors that don’t have any nicotine in. Your body and your lungs aren’t used to the smoke and this can cause some serious health problems.

Experts are recommending that if you have never smoked before, starting with the ecig can be just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, that starting to smoke. If you have never smoked before, keep it that way.

The quality of the juice that you are inhaling

The mentioned information is only valid if you are really using the high quality and the best e-juice that you find. The moment that you are going for the cheaper imitation of the juice, then you are going to damage your lungs. No matter what.

There is some high-quality juice available that you can use that are limiting the health risk. This is why you should rather purchase the e-juice online from the manufacturer so that you know that you are inhaling quality.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that for some people the ecig isn’t more harmful, and even a better choice than cigarettes. However, for some people, it is a lot more dangerous because their bodies aren’t used to the nicotine. So, there isn’t really a right answer to the question if the ecig is healthier and safer than cigarettes.

Ecig or the cigarettes. Which one is better to use? Or, are both really harmful to your body? The answer depends on whether you are a regular smoker or not. For smokers that are smoking cigarettes on a daily basis, it might be best to inhale the ecig. However, if you have never smoked before, then using the ecig might be dangerous and hold some health risks. You should decide for yourself if you are going to use the best e-juice brands or not.

Be Proactive This Year – Avoid the Holiday Sales Rush by Saving Early


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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Chasing, Tricks and Beastly Builds

7 Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid – E Cigarette Reviews

Vapers all around the world want to blow bigger clouds when vaping. Many of those take it as far as to be cloud chasers which I will describe in more parts what that involves. More and more vapers are buying RDA’s and sub ohm tanks to make the main clouds around. I am going to explain in this blog post what cloud chasing is, what you have to know about cloud chasing and the likely dangers of cloud chasing.

Some Things You Want to Know About Cloud Chasing

Now you see what cloud chasing is, let me explain some of the most important things you need to know if you walk the cloud. Warning consequences may be dangerous when you don’t know what you are doing or not appreciative what is the base of what it is. To prevent any possible injuries and become the best possible clouds, be sure these tips follow:

Battery Safety

We work on a blog post that is totally dedicated to battery safety, therefore I cannot reach too much on this post. However, abuse of batteries can possibly cause it to catch fire. In short, ensure that you never load your mod charging unattended, don’t ever activate the mod and don’t ever use a charger that is not branded or that you came with your mod.


In order to prevent any fire or explosion, you need to ensure that you invest in mods that support the low resistance of your coil builds. There are two forms of mods; mechanical mods and regulated mods. Cloud chasers have the most commonly used to choose mechanical mods like they have great air holes and connections. Mechanical mods are usually not for beginners; they expect extensive knowledge of Ohm’s law and battery safety.

Inhale/Exhale Technique

Not only do you have a lot of quality equipment and great knowledge of the ohm law, you also need to faultless your inhale and exhale technique when you want to be a cloud chaser. When you exhale too fast then the cloud will thin out. If you want a huge dense cloud then exhale gradually. Another tip is some cloud chasers referring to the rip trippers’ technique that involves moving back as you exhale.


Vape coil cloud chasing all comes down to how you build your coils. In brief, the lower the resistance of your coils, the greater your clouds will be. Obviously, all other factors must also count but the build of the coil is the heart and soul if you want. There is a choice between one single coil and dual coil, however, choose the most of the cloud chasers for dual coils as it produces more vapor.

The Dangers of Cloud Chasing

Battery warning cloud chasing yourself can be safe, but if you don’t know what you do and do not recognize about Ohm’s laws or battery safety then it may be very dangerous. It’s important to know things like any batteries are safe to use with low resistance coils, how often to change batteries when chasing or how big the air holes must be. If cloud chasing, you are exactly pushing batteries to their limit.

Cloud chasing is definitely not for beginners or intermediaries, it is just for those who are used to sub ohm vaping and like to take it to the advanced level. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up with a serious injury. Verify to do your homework on this one and don’t rush into building a mod and firing it without perceptive whether you have met everything of the safety precautions. Literally, you are playing with fire. For more info:

The best vape for every appetite

A vape pen is basically like a small mobile oven as most users call it. A vape pen is a pen-like electric device gadget that has a space for putting in any botanic substance and produces vapor as a result. That is the simplest definition of what a vape pen is. Technically, a vape is used by smokers of both cigar and marijuana. As technology keeps on revolving, the vape pens have evolved too with so many brands available in the market.

Most vape pens can be conveniently purchased online as well as at the local stalls. Here is a list of the top rated vape pens:

Top choice vape pens

  • Firefly2: It is a superb vape that heats up quite fast compared to other vapes. It has a plastic mouthpiece which is well designed as not to add any plastic-like flavor in the vapor. For the best experience, this is an ideal vape pen to go for. The prices range and depend on whether the purchase is done online or at the local stalls.
  • Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit: This is the best vape pen starter kit for beginners as it has all the features simplified. Has an adjustable temperature as well as the wattage but one may require going through the user guide to make the adjustments, or you will end up messing the whole experience.
  • Pax 2: This is the most sophisticated and ultra modern stylish vape pen. It is the only vape pen that has a game in it as a feature. The vapor produced by this magical gadget is very fine. On the issue of colors, it comes in four different colors to give you a wide
  • Pinnacle Pro: This vape has a long battery life and can keep you going for 8 good hours of use. The size is just good enough for convenience issues. Find out more in this site :

What to consider before buying a vape pen

The battery. A good vape pen should have a battery life that can last for at least half-day long. Although some vapes have longer battery life, this is the average that a good one should last. Before making any purchase, one should check the battery life or else; you will need to ke4ep recharging your vape now and then, it can be depressing indeed.

Heating speed. A good vape should heat quickly and maintain the temperatures to give a high-quality vapor.

The mouthpiece material.  If the mouthpiece material is plastic, there is a likelihood of a plastic flavor being produced; a good vape should have a metal or glass mouthpiece.

In the modern world, many people prefer vapes to cigarette smoking. This is because one can be able to measure the level of addiction and control in return. Putting the prices aside, most vapes have similar features, and one has to do a thorough scrutiny and comparison before making a purchase. Cheers as you go for the best vape pen.